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Living in a Gong Show

Gong Show

Gong Show

The past week has been…well…a bit of a Gong Show. Work has been crazy busy, the kid has been sick with her first cold of the school year (three days in), the hubby’s been having post-surgery issues, I think I’m coming down with the kid’s cold, and I’ve been too tired to Tweet let alone blog. Like I said: a Gong Show. Thank goodness for Lainey , La Dauphine and a husband that’s in the know, or I would have no idea what was going on in the world.

In between all of that mayhem, I do have a few things to talk about.

After a week’s vacation, I am back to riding the subway to and from work, and if you’re familiar with the Toronto morning commute via transit, you should be feeling sorry for me right about now. There is little worse than the morning train in the first few weeks of September–everyone’s home from their summer vacations, students are heading back to school, and people are shoehorned into cars. This is a real treat at the best of times, but with H1-N1 and the flu on everyone’s mind, it’s extra exciting to imagine what’s living on those poles. The only thing that’s been getting me through these  rides is my pale pink Nintendo DS loaded up with Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box. I love this game. Like its predecessor, it’s a mystery game that features a hundred-and-some-odd puzzles–everything from math and number games to mazes and logic puzzles. It keeps my mind off of the ride and kick-starts my brain for the day ahead. I highly recommend it. Check out Chad’s review from the Globe & Mail for more info.

With Professor Layton nearly wrapping up (I’m so close to solving the mystery of the vampire it’s not even funny), I need another diversion, so today I decided to settle on that other Professor L–Robert Langdon. I picked up Dan Brown’s latest, The Lost Symbol, and feel like it will be a good subway choice. Anyone else reading this? Rumour has it this is the book that will save the publishing industry, so I imagine I’m not the only one putting my cash down. Let me know what you think. Oh, and I also bought Margaret Atwood’s The Year of the Flood , which I’m highly excited about. But as Chad pointed out, I’m so stressed out right now I should start with the Brown, as it’s lower hanging fruit and that Atwood might force me to think more. I’ll save Atwood for a time when my brain is less muddled.

One final thing: the kid did the Terry Fox Run this week at school and took the whole thing very seriously. She gave Chad and I the lowdown on who Terry Fox was and what he did. Here were her key points:

  • Terry Fox tried to run across Canada
  • He had a different kind of leg
  • He had to stop running because his leg really hurt
  • He died
  • He was a person, not a fox
  • Everyone needs to raise money so people don’t get sick like Terry Fox anymore

I love it.




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