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The Bold and the Beautiful

I dont really know who Bruce Weber is, but he made Vanity Fairs 2009 International Best Dressed List. Kind of gives us all hope, no?

I don't really know who Bruce Weber is, but he made Vanity Fair's 2009 International Best Dressed List. Kind of gives us all hope, no?

 La Dauphine posted a blog tonight about Vanity Fair’s annual International Best Dressed List. Her timing was impeccable–the print issue arrived in my mailbox today.

As always it’s an eclectic mix of celebrities, politicians and the generally fabulous–many of whom I’ve, frankly, never heard of before. I’m afraid I can’t realistically weigh in on whether H.H. Sheikha Moah of Qatar or Roo Rogers qualify as the world’s best dressed, but I can certainly throw down my two cents about some of the selections.

Overall, I feel like this year’s list is missing some of the excitement of previous years. Last year featured some of my favourite outlandish style icons including Tilda Swinton, Karl Lagerfeld and Julian Schnabel. They at least give us something to talk about and marvel at when they hit the red carpet. But this year…

Well, let’s start with Kelly Ripa. Really? Kelly Ripa as one of the best dressed women in the entire world? Yes, she’s stylish, and gorgeous, but best dressed in the WORLD? Maybe it’s because beside Regis in his daily dark blue suits she looks stunning, but I think she’s misplaced on the list.

Next: Daniel Craig. Does he deserve to be here? Yes. Yes, he does. That is all. Ditto for Brad Pitt. The man can pull off toothbrush moustaches, pink suits and ascots. Of course he should be on this list.

Anne Hathaway has had some amazing red carpet appearances over the last few years, so I guess her appearance on this list is legitimate, but I still have a hard time thinking of her as a style icon. However, any issues I might have with her are eclipsed by my utter shock at the inclusion of Renee Zellweger as one of the members of the Hall of Fame.  Her style is meh at best. She can look good, but she’s sure not consistent. Other celebs who made the list include Penelope Cruz and Alicia Keys. Both are beautiful, but like Renee, I’m not sure either are consistenly stylish or memorable.

A few more standouts that get the big thumbs up from me: Barack and Michelle Obama–so stylin’. Can you even imagine George and Laura Bush on this list? Or Bill and Hillary Clinton? Uh, no. Carla Bruni-Sarkozy is another no-brainer. She oozes style. As for Catherine Deneuve, I give her kudos, not only for her style, but for being one of the few women-of-a-certain-age who actually allowed her age to be printed in this piece.

Make sure you check out La Dauphine for the full rundown on the list.



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