Box. Boat. Boom. Bust.

Finished up two more books in the last while: one amazing, one kind of terrible.


The first was Bird Box by Josh Malerman – a hell of a debut for the author. This is a scare-the-pants-off-you book taking place in a near, dystopian future. One day out of the blue people around the world start going crazy and killing themselves, seemingly for no reason. Quickly, it’s determined that it’s because they’re seeing an unidentified “something”. A newly pregnant woman quickly left on her own finds her way to a safe house filled with other survivors, who have covered all windows, stockpiled a pantry and have created blindfolds for whenever they need to go out their door.  The book jumps between these early days of settling into this new reality and four years later when she attempts to make her way someplace else.

It’s scary, riveting and a serious page turner. A great, fun read. Check out this book trailer for a sense of the tone.

The second was The LIfeboat by Charlotte Rogan. Truthfully, this is a bit of a dud. In the summer of 1914, a newly married young woman winds up in a lifeboat when the steamer ship she and her lifeboathusband were on sinks into the Atlantic. The book divides itself between the politics, hardships and sometimes violence on  the nearly over-capacity lifeboat and a court case back in the U.S. questioning the conduct of the lifeboat’s passengers.

This should have been good. I liked Titanic. I can get behind Edwardian-era settings. I like the idea of the cut-throat tensions between people who desperately want to survive. But this is just plodding, not to mention that the main character is detestable. If she’d thrown herself overboard it would have been a better read.

Skip the boat, pick up the box. You’ll be happy you did.

Next up: Plan B by Jonathan Tropper.



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